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Disability can pose an insurmountable obstacle to earning a living. If you or a family member suffers from an injury or disease that prevents you from working, or is expected to prevent you from working for one year or longer, then you may be entitled to social security disability benefits.

Need an attorney for a Social Security Disability case in Tallahassee? At The Pelham Law Firm we work with Of Counsel attorneys who have experience in obtaining Social Security benefits on behalf of disabled persons. These attorneys can represent disabled persons who are filing for social security disability as well as individuals who have filed and have been denied. They are able to guide you through the overwhelming maze of regulations and red tape that characterizes the application process. An astonishingly large percentage of social security disability applications are turned down, only to have the decisions reversed on appeal. An initial denial of benefits is not the final word.

How They Can Help You

If you have been denied by Social Security, or are simply considering whether or not you should apply, it is vitally important that you get experienced help. Our Of Counsel attorneys handle social security disability cases on a contingency basis, receiving 25% of the back due benefits awarded. This means that if they are not successful in obtaining disability benefits, then you do not owe any amount of money. These attorneys have the skill and experience that you need on your side if you are seeking to obtain benefits, and they have assisted numerous individuals in the past and may be able to assist you.

Looking for an attorney for an SSD case in Tallahassee? Do not hesitate to contact our firm to be referred to one of our Of Counsel lawyers for skillful representation and assistance in your case.

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