Storm Damage Claims

Storm Damage & Natural Catastrophe Claims in Tallahassee

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The weather in Florida brings many residents and visitors to our state. As many Florida homeowners know, however, that weather can shift and cause serious damage. Tallahassee and other parts of Florida are home to a long list of tropical storms, hurricanes, and even tornadoes.

That’s why so many homeowners in the sunshine state have expensive insurance policies. When these individuals and families pay sky-high premiums, they expect to be protected when storm damage and natural catastrophes strike.

Unfortunately, many Florida residents are still waiting for open claims to be resolved, and with new hurricanes and storms come new opportunities for insurance companies to act inappropriately. If you need help with your property damage claim after a Florida storm, the Tallahassee storm damage insurance lawyers at The Pelham Law Firm can help.

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Understanding Storm Damage

Many insurers market their storm damage and catastrophe coverage. American Family Insurance, for example, covers wildfires, hail damage, ice storms, wind storms and tornadoes, and even earthquake damage for an additional fee. Other insurers, like Allstate, also sell flood insurance separately.

When you have homeowner’s insurance and face property damage after a storm, you should be able to recover benefits for at least some of the damage. If you have wind storm insurance, for instance, your policy should cover wind damage, even if it does not cover flooding.

Additionally, if you live in Florida, chances are you’ve paid extra for flood insurance, so your insurer has no excuse to deny your claim. Catastrophes are no exception.

What Is a Natural Catastrophe?

The Insurance Information Institute defines the term “catastrophe” as “a natural or man-made disaster that is unusually severe.” Most times, natural catastrophes are the result of tornadoes, wind, hail, and floods across the United States – with hurricanes and tropical storms coming in as the second leading cause of catastrophe claims.

Natural catastrophes cause billions of dollars of damage each year. Some of these damages are insured losses, and some policyholders do not face difficulties. On the other hand, some policyholders are still fighting to resolve property damage claims from catastrophes past.

Even and especially in emergencies, insurance companies must handle your claim promptly and payout any property damage under the terms of your policy. If they fail to do so, they may be acting in bad faith.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance bad faith occurs when your insurance company tries to go back on the terms of a contract. You pay premiums, so the insurance company must take care of property damage when it occurs. If the insurance company attempts to get out of this obligation, they are acting in bad faith.

Insurers use some of the following tactics when acting in bad faith:

  • Denying a claim without a valid reason
  • Undervaluing a claim
  • Delaying a claim
  • Failing to act on a claim
  • Refusing to approve or deny a claim promptly
  • Misinterpreting policy language
  • Demanding excessive evidence of loss
  • Bullying or threatening policyholders

If you have experienced any of the following behaviors, our Tallahassee insurance lawyer can help.

Helping You Get the Benefits You Deserve

Insurance companies are not always on your side, but The Pelham Law Firm is. We can help your resolve any miscommunications with your insurance company and, if appropriate, sue for bad faith.

Most homeowners simply want the insurance benefits they paid for. When our attorney steps in and clarifies the situation, many policyholders are pleased with the results.

In some cases, we can even help you recover for the inconvenience of having to involve a Tallahassee storm damage insurance lawyer, in the first place. Don’t let insurance companies get away with acting in bad faith. Instead, put 25 years of experience on your side and fight for the benefits you deserve.

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