Burn Injuries in Florida

What Are the Causes?

There are many different ways that individuals could be the victim of a burn injury, some of the more common ways may include the following:

  • Building fires
  • Electrical accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Gasoline spills

There are many other accidents that can cause fires which may, in turn, cause burn injuries to other individuals. These accidents are all ones that can be caused by a negligent individual who does not follow safety protocol, does not adhere to safety laws or is generally negligent of the damage that they could cause. Searching for a lawyer for an injury case in Tallahassee? If you have sustained a burn injury due to the negligence of another then you may be able to collect money damages for your injuries.

What Are the Five Types of Burn Injuries?

There are essentially five different kinds of burn injuries:

  • First degree
  • Second degree
  • Superficial partial thickness
  • Deep partial thickness
  • Third degree full thickness

There are various treatments for each, a first degree may take a week or less to heal and involves very few complications. A second degree burn superficial may take 2-3 weeks to heal and has a risk of local infection. A second degree burn deep thickness may take several weeks to heal and can progress to a third degree burn, this burn may cause scarring and could require scission and skin grafting. A third degree burn does not heal on its own and requires excision; it may even require amputation to avoid the possibility of gangrene and other disease.

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