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Slip and fall accidents can be some of the most common types of accidents, there are many cases where individuals are tripped or they fall from great heights and are slightly or very seriously injured. There are over one million individuals that suffer from an injury incurred in a slip and fall accident every year, and there are over 17,000 individuals who die every year from these accidents.

While some of these accidents may result in minor bruising or scrapes, there are some cases that result in the death or wrongful death of a victim. There are various laws in place to help reduce the risk of various causes of injuries, some laws that help to reduce slip and fall injuries may include premises liability and the responsibility that employers have to provide their employees with a safe work environment.

When these laws are not followed, the results can often be catastrophic. If you have sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident then you may be able to collect money damages for your injuries; you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of a Tallahassee slip and fall lawyer from our firm as they will be able to provide you with the representation of your case that you will need in court.

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