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Dealing with insurance adjustors

What do you do when the at fault driver's insurance adjustor calls you immediately after the accident and wants to settle with you?  How do you respond when they tell you that an attorney will not be able to get more compensation for you so why pay a high fee?  This happens more than you can imagine, especially involving car wrecks in Tallahassee and the Florida Panhandle.  My recommendation is not to rush a settlement, whether you plan on hiring a personal injury attorney or not.  Your health is more important than settling your case.  I recommend that you first get fully examined by a doctor to determine the extent of your injuries.  Then, follow through on the doctor's treatment plan so you can see whether your injuries are permanent or not.  Will you be left with permanent pain?  Permanent scarring?  Permanent restrictions?  How will your injuries affect your job?  Will it reduce your ability to earn money?  Or reduce your ability to get pay raises in the future?  Will you need future surgery or treatment?  These important questions, and many more, should be answered before you settle.  In my 18+ years as a personal injury lawyer, I have had many clients who were offered settlements by the adjustor before they hired me.  In an overwhelming number of those cases, I was able to obtain a higher net settlement to my client (after my fees and costs were deducted) than the orginal offer.  The insurance adjustor is looking out for the insurance company.  The adjustor knows how to value a personal injury case.  But most people injured in accidents do not know the true value of their case.  This is why I recommend anyone injured in an accident to consult with a personal injury attorney to determine the merits of their case.  At The Pelham Law Firm, I offer free consultations.  I get paid only if I get my client a recovery -- so there are no attorney fees or costs unless I get my client money.