Are You Suffering From an Endoscopic Infection?

Duodenoscope Infections

If You’ve Contracted An Infection After An Endoscopy, We’re Ready To Fight On Your Behalf

Endoscopes are used often in routine medical treatments and have even been credited with saving many patients lives. Unfortunately, a recent infectious outbreak tied to duodenoscopes has left hundreds at risk of death. The duodenoscope is a specialized endoscope and is utilized when patients are suffering from cancers, gallstones, and other digestive disorders.

If you underwent a duodenoscope procedure within the last four years, you may be in danger of contracting this serious infection. Whether you are currently displaying symptoms or fear that you were exposed, don’t hesitate to consult with a duodenoscope infection attorney from our firm. We can thoroughly review your case and determine if you are qualified to pursue legal action.


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Concerns Regarding the Duodenoscope Device

A duodenoscope is a device that is inserted into a patient’s mouth and throat, allowing the doctor to diagnose certain ailments. However, the FDA released a warning in February 2015 about these very instruments in light of the recent infections. The device is notoriously difficult to clean, which can cause bacteria to remain in the crevices, then exposing subsequent patients to the contamination.

The infection has been labeled a “superbug,” because it is highly resistant to antibiotics. More than 500,000 duodenoscope procedures are performed yearly and recent studies are evaluating the number of patients who have become infected.

Research and studies have exposed the following information about the “superbug”:

  • At least 135 patients were infected with duodenoscope bacteria from January 2013 to December 2014
  • A February 2015 outbreak caused the death of at least two people
  • At least 35 patients in Washington were infected between 2012 and 2014
  • Chicago saw at least 44 patients suffer from the superbug from March to July 2013

With deaths linked to the superbug infection, there is no question that this has become a serious problem. New cases are being reported often and patients should waste no time if they suspect they’ve been exposed through a duodenoscope procedure.

Protect yourself with a duodenoscope infection attorney!

Procedures involving duodenoscopes are common and one professor of medicine said that they can’t simply go away, just because of the recent infections. Protect yourself and your loved ones – refrain from submitting to a duodenoscope procedure until this problem is resolved.

Our firm is prepared to protect those who were exposed to bacteria and infection by way of this medical device. We are honored to take on cases throughout the U.S., so the sooner you call, the sooner we can take action on your behalf.

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