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If you are a member of the armed forces or a veteran who was issued 3M’s Combat Arms earplugs version 2 (CAEv2), and suffered hearing loss or tinnitus as a result, you might be entitled to pursue civil action. Initiating a claim can help you recover compensation for injury-related damages incurred. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always straightforward, and navigating it on your own could be challenging. Additionally, when a large company such as 3M is the subject of a lawsuit, their insurance company and lawyers will fight hard to protect its financial interests.

To level the playing field in your earplug case, it’s best to have a seasoned attorney on your side. At The Pelham Law Firm, our lawyer has over 25 years of experience practicing law, and we will leverage our knowledge and skills to develop an innovative legal strategy for your case. No amount of money can undo the harm you suffered, but it can help get the medical care you need to treat your injury. When you retain our services, our focus will be on working toward recovering just compensation on your behalf.

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What Is the CAEv2 Defect?

In 2006, the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency entered into a contract to purchase 3M’s Combat Arms earplugs. The Minnesota-based company marketed its product as one that would provide the hearing protection military members needed. During training and combat situations, servicemen and women could be exposed to harsh noises, such as gunfire or explosions, which they require protection from. In some cases, they still need that protection, but they also need to be able to hear commands or approaching enemy footsteps.

The conical-shaped CAEv2s had two separate ends that offered different levels of protection:

  • The green end blocked all sounds
  • The yellow end blocked high-level noises while allowing low-level ones through

Unfortunately, the earplugs did not work as advertised. A design defect resulted in the stems being too short to fit into some wearers’ ears. Because of this, they could slip out and expose the soldier to loud noises that could damage the ear.

How Do Loud Noises Affect Hearing?

Hair cells and nerves in the ear allow us to hear sounds. If those get damaged, the ability to hear speech is decreased or lost. Exposure to loud noises, whether a one-time incident or over a long period, can cause the hair cells or nerves to die, affecting hearing either temporarily or permanently. Some people can also develop tinnitus, which is a ringing or buzzing in the ear, because of hair cell damage. Both hearing loss and tinnitus could result in a decrease in quality of life and require medical care.

Because of the CAEv2’s defective design, many military members could have been exposed to harsh sounds that affected their hearing. If you were harmed, our Tallahassee lawyer will thoroughly review your situation to determine whether you can file a claim.

Did 3M Know About the Defect?

Many lawsuits have already been filed against 3M regarding injury caused after using the CAEv2. Some documents allege that, as early as 2000, the company knew about the defect but did not disclose the information.

In 2016, a whistleblower lawsuit filed under the False Claims Act, claimed that 3M knew the earplugs had a flaw in their design, but still sold them to the U.S. government. The company settled that suit by agreeing to pay the government $9.1 million. It did not admit liability for producing defective earplugs.

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If you served in the military between 2003 and 2015, were issued the CAEv2, and suffered hearing loss or tinnitus prior to or within 2 years after discharge, we’re ready to listen to your story. At The Pelham Law Firm, our lawyer will evaluate your case, discuss your legal options, and answer any questions you might have about the process of seeking compensation.

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